Holla At Me

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This is a woman who tore her down any chance she got. And what does Rihanna ask you to do? Pray for her recovery. This is who I stan for. She has a loving and forgiving spirit (as shown above). She has a heart of gold. God has her in his hands. That’s why any weapon formed against her shall never prosper.

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Anonymous asked: Did you see the pool party video? I feel so mad and sad.......I feel bad for Rih.... Wish she has a new man asap...




Yes I did. Idk why Rih seems to be enjoying herself and having fun. She will get a man when she wants one.

You are a Rihanna fan why are you keeping up with Chris? Idgi…..

Swear they want him in a corner crying over her while she can be out doing her. Apparently she good, feel bad for yourself.

What pool party vid??